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Benefits of Using Ipe Wood For Decking

You may be in search of the most ideal decking material that is in the market today. If that is your case then ipe wood makes a great option. The properties it has to make it perfect when it comes to your deck. On matters looking for decking material, people usually are surprised by the fact that there are so many wood decking and synthetic decking material that the market avails. You can nearly hear the shared groan. They just want to be aware of the which decking material is the most ideal. Do not go for synthetic decking materials when you are capable of having an authentic wooden deck that is more weatherproof and durable. Discussed below are some of the things that should be taken into consideration.

For starters, there is the durability. Ipe wood is a really dense wood. It is dense to such an extent that is cant float in water. This great density provide it with the capability of lasting up to even fifty years. On the condition that it gets the necessary protection. It also tells you that scratching, cracking and staining easily is not something that will happen. Hence, it has the capability of staying beautiful for many years.

The next benefit is that it need little or even no maintenance. They can be left alone and still be okay. It posses great stability and mechanical strength. It is not a must that you seal ipe wood. Additionally, it is supposed to be provided with some yearly stain cleaning. This is enough to serve. For added protection oiling ipe wood at least once a year is advised by experts. This is to assist it in repelling water as well as UV rays.

The other advantage is that is desirable in ipe wood is it is highly resistant to decay rot and mold growth. Ipe is able to resist rotting and even splitting greatly. This capability is as a result of the fact that they have a lot of natural oils. This aids in the stability of the wood and at the same time it rejects the element that may result in internal damage. The wood’s graininess also give great slip resistance, rendering it a safer option than a lot of hardwoods.

Ipe wood also has the ability to resist fire. Ipe woods is capable of heat absorption. Hence it is hard for it to be burnt by high temperature. Its fire rating is similar to that of concrete and steel. The implies it has the capability of resisting flames even better than softer woods. To add to that Ipe woods has the ability to outlast composite materials.

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