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When Airbnb entered the market, it disrupted the way paid accommodation services were offered. The traditional setting where you would go to a hotel or lodging for accommodation away from home changed when you could now stay at another person’s house when they are not using the premises. Apart from the lowered cost of accommodation, there was also the ease of access, and the more personal touch, as opposed to the formal and contractual nature of staying in a hotel.
There are several other benefits you get when you opt to stay on-premises under the Airbnb framework.

You get to access more space at an Airbnb property. The cost of booking enough from for a family of five is considerably higher than it is to book a two-bedroom house through Airbnb. You, at the same time, access plenty of room, just as you would back home. You also get space for your vehicle, at no extra cost.

You will enjoy the benefit of accessing a kitchen. Since you are staying in a home, there will be a kitchen you can use ? the cost of feeding the family while on vacation will go down significantly. If you were to feed them in a hotel, that cost would be staggering.

The other amenities on offer at the Airbnb are usually much better than what hotels have to offer. You get to use things like bicycles, canoes, and kayaks for a house located near the ocean. You also get to enjoy better views in such a house, ample parking, with better entertainment since it is a home, a private pool, the possibility of games such as football on the pitch, and such.

There is also access to a washer and dryer. Imagine the additional savings you will make when attending to your laundry needs. It makes it possible to travel light, since you can do your laundry at the destination, and thus need fewer clothes. You also do not have to pay the exorbitant fees people do when they request to have their laundry done in a hotel.

The accommodations are usually in neighborhoods. These rentals are normally not separated from the local neighborhoods. You, therefore, get to enjoy an authentic local experience, with their restaurants and shops offering you all that at cheaper rates. Hotels typically have most of the stores next to them, charging tourist prices for all items sold.

You will also be given better information from the Airbnb accommodation owner. They will, for example, give you better suggestions for restaurants and other spots, unlike hotels where recommendations always have some vested interest behind them.

You also get to charge much less than what you would pay in the hotels. While you access accommodations at their highest levels of comfort and space, you will not pay nearly as much as a standard room would cost in a hotel. At the same time, they make sure they throw in all other amenities and accessories you may need, such as free Wi-Fi, a cook if you need one, and availability if you need directions around and other information.

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